What are the tariffs and payment options?

Fees are based on the recommended rates for psychologists.


Assessments are also charged on duration which will depend on purpose.

Provision is been made for both medical aid claims and cash payments.

Various payment options are available including cash, debit and credit card facilities.

Where are sessions conducted?
My consultation rooms are at home in Kempton Park.


Why come for therapy?
People come to therapy for many different reasons. The motivation for therapy is as distinctive and assorted as the individuals who seek it, but typically people come to find support they haven't found in other areas of their lives. Depending on the difficulty and the support needed, there are many reasons why people seek an external professional for therapy.

Psychological and Emotional Challenges: Individuals seek support because they are going through a developmental phase in life that is causing them distress. The severity of an adjustment is different for each individual. For example one young woman may be distressed about leaving home for university, while another is excited. If the level of emotional anguish is keeping her from enjoying a functional life, therapy may be a healthy option.

Support and Coping: Loss is a common reason for people to seek therapy. Therapy can afford a safe, encouraging place for people to talk about their grief and the adjustment to physical illness, the end of a relationship or job or any change in life position that cause distress. Therapists help clients discover coping skills to get them through these times.



Interpersonal Relationship: Many people come to therapy looking for help with their interpersonal relationships and ineffective communication. Individual, couples or family therapy can identify and attend to a common source of distress.

Self-Exploration: Some people approach a therapeutic relationship for a deeper understanding of themselves. They want to know why they do what they do, why they feel what they feel and determine how much control they have over those areas. Sometimes this journey is used to answer career, relationship and personal questions.

These are only a few of the reasons individuals seek therapy.


Can session be conducted in Afrikaans?
Ja, ek is volledig tweetalig en terapie sessies kan in Afrikaans plaasvind.